Part 111

One Hundred Eleven

The onslaught was ferocious; tracer shells lit the dawn in hot white streaks, splitting the tops off of grass that had been cover seconds before, showing that it never would have offered any protection had they stayed out on the lawn.

“All right,” Jenny yelled over the incoming fire that was cutting her and her crew off from the lake.  “I’m counting at least a dozen trying to flank us from that side.  Anyone see any incoming from over there?” she pointed to the other side of the house.

“No sign of any,” said Tia.  “All the fire’s coming from the one side, mostly small arms.”

“We’ll I guess that’s it,” said Charlie.  “We’re about to get our asses shot to hell, aren’t we, with nowhere to go-”

“Inside,” yelled Jenny.  “We make it on in to the house, it buys us some time and gives us cover.”

“Until when?”

“Very least, we get our hands on Harker, we got something we can trade them.”

“We going to have enough time to get on through this door?” Charlie asked.  “It looks pretty solid.”

“Full auto, empty the clips around the lock here,” Andy pointed to on the door. “you, me, Bart and Tomo, we might get it loose enough that a good shove would get us in.”

“Not standing this close to it you can’t,” Tia pointed out.  “Where you four need to stand, that’s right in range and in their sights.”

“All right then,” said Jenny, “we got anything we can use short of a miracle?”

“If you can get a line on some divine intervention,” Dutch said to Andy with a slight but desperate sneer, “now’s a good time.”

“You know it doesn’t work that way,” said Georgie defensively.  “You can’t just ask and expect some assistance to drop out of the sky like…”

Her words were cut off by the pop and hiss from the flare Andy pulled out, which he waved in a circle three times before he threw it out on the lawn.

“Actually, you can,” Andy replied.  “if you crew with people armed with grenade launchers and have spotted before-”

Andy didn’t finish before a flash grenade came down close to where the flare landed, followed by a smoke round.

“Classic forward observing,” Tia noted.  “Real old school with the flare. Nice.”

“You really think?” Andy asked.

“Hey, less flirt, more shoot!” Jenny barked as she pointed at the door.  “While we got cover, people!”

The auto rifles emptied their clips into the door where Andy pointed; Jenny didn’t wait more than a second after the firing was over to close her eyes and give the door a hard kick.

And she rushed right into the middle of it…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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