Part 112

One Hundred Twelve

Jenny counted to two before she opened her eyes.

Her gamble paid off; keeping her eyes closed and opening them as she entered allowed her to adjust to the lower light faster, keeping whoever was in the room from having too much of an edge on her.

Not that there was much of an edge, Jenny noticed, with only two people in there, neither of them the ones from the beach.  The woman screamed endlessly in extreme panic, while the man watched as the pistol he tried to bring up to fire flew out of his nervous hand, bounced off the ceiling and went to the far corner.

There wasn’t enough time for Jenny to decide whether to laugh or insult him; she brought her foot up, then down hard on his knee.  She heard something crunch before he cried in agony and held his leg harder than his weapon.

The rest of the crew came in, Andy and Charlie taking up position on either side of the door, facing out in case Harker’s men swarmed past the smoke and made for the door.

Jenny quickly looked around the room; photos of moneyed people enjoying themselves, relics from a richer time, fought for wall space with mold and decay, and were losing badly.  Furniture that used to share the room with corporate retreats and personal milestones for important people showed their distress in greater detail amidst the discarded trash cast to the side of the main path through the room, connecting the door Jenny shot through to the entry hall.

She heard a slap and turned to see Tomo standing over the woman, who was no longer screaming.  Jenny shot Tomo a look.

“I thought you’re supposed to slap people to calm them down,” Tomo explained.  “Like in the movies.”

“Mother fu…” Jenny muttered before she looked the woman in the eyes from a few inches out.  “Where’s Harker?” she asked her.  “You tell us, we won’t hurt you.  Again.”

“O-office off the hall,” she replied.  “T-to the left.”

“Stay with him,” Jenny directed her over to Dutch.  “He’ll keep you safe,” she said as she shot Tomo a look.  “The rest of you, with me.”

The five of them walked into the main hall, where the lights were dim but the broadcast with news about the world ending was louder, coming from behind the door to the office which still had MANAGEMENT embossed on the outside.  The front door was still locked and barred, but Jenny took a chair in the hall and propped it up against the door, sticking the back under the handles to slow down anyone who might try and come through.

“I just don’t get how the terror of Cleveland could live in a shit hole,” Georgie noted as Jenny secured the chair.

“I read New Providence was never more than just tents when it was a pirate haven,” Jenny replied.  “Maybe he likes low overhead, who knows?”
“We can ask him when we bust on in there,” said Bart.  “Tomo and I can do to this what we did on the other door and be in in no time.”

As Jenny considered the plan, she froze.  Despite the noise about the crisis between Russia and China and Brazilian aggression, she thought she heard something else.

A loud shuffle and clunk from behind the office door.

Which swung out quickly…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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