Part 113

One Hundred Thirteen


Jenny had time only to scream that and to roll to the floor as the door to Harker’s office flew open and gunfire erupted.

Prone on the ground, she got off two shots, one grazing the shoulder of the woman with the auto rifle who burst out the door.  She stumbled out of the way of the rest of the crew’s fire.

Their shots got her companion, a slight man also slinging an auto rifle.  He swayed with uncertainty, his body trying to decide if he could go on or not; it decided not to, and he fell.

Before the woman could snap out of her stun and go for her piece, Jenny sprang on over and disarmed her.  She looked through the doorway, and not seeing anyone armed waiting to take a shot, stood up to take stock of the crew.

Her eyes fell right on Tia; out of her upper arm gushed a few spasms of blood as she pressed her hand over the wound.

“How bad you hurt?” Jenny asked as Bart pulled out a pressure pack and applied it to her arm.

Tia grunted as she tried to clench her teeth at the pressure.

Tomo gave Tia’s arm a slight poke.  “Looks like it missed anything serious; can you flex your fingers?”

Tia winced a little. “Yeah,” she replied, “but doing that’s nasty, eh?”

“So try not to, then.”

“Can you still go on?” Jenny asked her.

“I came this far, and I want to see this to the end.  Not sitting this one out, sorry.”

“We’re getting on this, ain’t it?” Jenny noted as she marched the woman who shot at them before her and led Tia, Tomo, Georgie and Bart into Harker’s sanctum.

The loud news feed blaring doom from around the world went silent as the pirates entered Harker’s office.  Jenny’s insides also went quiet as she faced the man responsible for so much of what went wrong in her life.

She wavered as she took in Harker and his companion, a woman standing behind him.  She looked hard at her, concentrated on her face, tried hard to imagine whether the age progression software on the old picture she gave Russell would come up with something close to this.

With nothing to help her here and it all in the air, she went full in and asked, “Mama?”

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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