Part 114

One Hundred Fourteen

Jenny waited for her response.

Harker broke the awkward silence first.  “What the f’n’ hell?” he asked.

“What?”  replied Mama.

“Wait, what?” Georgie asked.

“Jenny…” Tia said in a low voice as she took a step closer to her.

“Do I know you?” Mama asked.

Jenny fought down the spasms of convulsion she felt as Mama’s eyes looking into her face and coming up with nothing…

Jenny raised her pistol to her and asked, “Who are you?”

“What, you asking me, after you call my name out?” Mama replied.

“Who were you before you were Mama?”

Mama blinked a few times before she replied, “Shannon McShane.”

Jenny turned the gun on Harker.  “Where’s the other one?” she demanded.  “The other Mama, where in f’n’ hell is she?”

“Which one?” Harker asked, his control of himself exerting itself at the expense of Jenny’s, which she felt slipping away from her as she looked at him.

“Which one?  Which ONE?”

“Hey, hey,” Tia put a hand on Jenny’s shoulder.

“Someone want to like give me a clue here?” Tomo asked.

“Klara.  Klara Fronczak DiNapoli.  That Mama; where is she?”

“That one? Well, Geez, hmmm… Been a while, sorry'” Harker replied.

“But she was here, you’re saying, ain’t it?”

“Her? Yeah, for a while.  Had the title and all for a bit.”

“The title?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, title of Mama.  Did everything that came with the job while she had it and all.”

“What everything?”

“Keep the system going,” Harker ticked off nonchalantly, “set up who needed what with what, made sure the right people were on the right boat, other things now and then.”

Jenny looked at how this Mama had dressed, the way she curved under her clothes, and started to retch on the inside at the thought of ‘other things now and then’…

“She never would have,” Jenny more growled than spat.

“Some girls coming through here, they’ve seen a lot, been through a lot by the time I meet them, they have a choice between doing that or having that done to them.  Hey, simple choices, y’know?”

The smirk she thought she saw on Harker’s face was too much for her; Jenny swung her left hand back to smite Harker’s face clear off him…

And got tackled by Mama, finding herself flat on her back on the ground…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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